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UniCafe Foodvan – best food in your backyard!

Hungry? UniCafe Kaivopiha too far away? Don’t worry – we’re bringing UniCafe to you.

Foodvan will go on summer break Thu 16.7.

Foodvan has been rolling since spring, and we’ve received a great deal of positive feedback. However it’s now time for our mobile restaurant to go on a summer break – Foodvan will be in operation for the last time on Wednesday, and begins its break on Thursday the 16th of July.

No need to worry though – UniCafe Kaivopiha is open and serving our customers all summer Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00! You can either enjoy a warm meal in the restaurant, or grab a pre-cooled take away meal to go. Meals include a salad, bread, and a drink.

Here’s how it works

Our hardworking courier will pack your food on the van and drive it to a pickup location near you. You’ll find the Foodvan’s schedule and stops on this page. All you have to do is grab your payment card and be there, or be square!

  • Show up early at your preferred pickup location.
  • Remember to leave at least a metre of empty space between yourself and the next customer to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • We accept only card payments.
  • Please show your student ID to enjoy our student prices.
  • Pick up your meal after paying. Ask for a bag if you need one – but please pack your items yourself to ensure a quick and swift shopping experience to all.
  • Even though you might desire a meal more than anything, please do not join the queue and instead stay home if you are experiencing any signs of a flu or cold.

The Foodvan take away meal includes a ready-packed, cold meal and a fruit of your choice.

You can find the menu for Foodvan below.

Foodvan near you

Please note that there may be delays and changes to the schedule due to unexpected reasons such as traffic. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates!

Updated 26.6.2020

Starting 29th of June – Foodvan Kaivopiha

Pickup stops on the route Kumpula-Viikki-Kallio-Töölö:

11.00-11.20 Chemicum*
A.I. Virtasen aukio 1

11.30-11.40 Viikki*
Viikinkaari 9 (Biokeskus 1 yard)

12.00-12.10 Kallio/Sörnäinen*
Harjutori (Opposite to Harjutori)

12.20-12.30 Töölö*
YTHS, Töölönkatu 37

*Changed or new stops marked with an asterisk.


Please note that we add a 0.90€ delivery fee to the prices.






Staff price


Normal price


Delivery fee

Kuva: Janne Kajander/HYY

Also available from the Foodvan

Family combo – grab lunch for the whole family on one go! Only applies to normal price meals.

  • Two meals: 12€ + delivery fee 0,90€
  • Three meals: 18€ + delivery fee 0,90€
  • Four meals: 23€ + delivery fee 0,90€


  • Soft drinks during May 1.50€
  • Friday bag – 4 pcs organic small breads (VE) 3.00€
    Friday bags only available on Fridays.

Please note that availability and variety may change. We apologise in advance if your preferred option is not available.

Foodvan info

Got a question? Thinking of a place that could make a great stop for the Foodvan? Send your feedback via email to