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Exceptional situation with the coronavirus and its effects on UniCafe

How does the exceptional situation affect UniCafe? On this page you’ll find more information on the situation.

Kaivopiha started selling pre-packed take away lunches – Foodvan brings UniCafe to you

UniCafe Kaivopiha has opened a pick-up point where you can get your lunch effortlessly and safely, with no close contact with staff and minimizing contact with restaurant surfaces.

The food is sold in pre-packaged cold portions, which include a salad in its own box. There are two options daily, one of which is vegan. The staff will hand out the selected portion and payment will be made at the cash desk. Please note that for hygiene reasons we only accept card payments.

Come and grab your lunch to go! Due to the exceptional situation we are allowed by Kela to sell take away student meals.

Take away-lunch – this is how it works

1. check the menu at
2. when you arrive, chooce your favourite from the two daily option
3. the staff will hand out the selected portion – now you can pay at the cash desk
4. warm up the food and enjoy!

UniCafe Foodvan – here’s how it works

Our hardworking courier will pack your food on the van and drive it to a pickup location near you. You’ll find the Foodvan’s schedule and stops on this page. All you have to do is grab your payment card and be there, or be square!

  • Show up early at your preferred pickup location.
  • Remember to leave at least a metre of empty space between yourself and the next customer to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • We accept only card payments.
  • Please show your student ID to enjoy our student prices.
  • Pick up your meal after paying. Ask for a bag if you need one – but please pack your items yourself to ensure a quick and swift shopping experience to all.
  • Even though you might desire a meal more than anything, please do not join the queue and instead stay home if you are experiencing any signs of a flu or cold.

The Foodvan take away meal includes a ready-packed, cold meal and a fruit of your choice.

At first, the Foodvan will operate in Kumpula and Viikki.


We at UniCafe are closely monitoring the situation and guidelines set for restaurant operators, and are working together with the leadership of the University of Helsinki.

Five ways to avoid infections

  1. When visiting our restaurants, please make sure to keep at least 1 meter between yourself and other customers as well as our staff.
  2. Use handrub before taking food. It’s also recommended to use some before you leave the restaurant. Check out the WHO’s guide on how to handrub (PDF).
  3. The food is sold in pre-packaged cold portions, which include a fruit.
  4. Please note: card payments only.
  5. Our staff is continuously making sure surfaces, utensils, and other items are thoroughly cleaned.

According to THL (the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare) the best way to shield oneself from the virus and other respiratory infections is to wash one’s hands thoroughly and cough properly, for example, by coughing into the elbow or armpit). You can view the WHO’s guide on how to wash your hands properly here:

You can read the latest updates and news related to viral infections and the novel coronavirus at