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Yours, mine – our place

For us, the customer matters the most, which is why it is our top concern to take care of our personnel’s health, seeing as restaurant work requires equal amounts of skill and endurance. When aiming for the best, we must keep our quality high, from the first cup of coffee to the last lunch bite of the day.

We keep this whole thing running for your convenience. We do our best behind the scenes to make you feel comfortable from the moment you step in. Tasty, simple and ethically sustainable – these are sure to be fine choices for everyone. Sitting down at a table, you’ll easily find people to chat with if you wish. And if you prefer privacy, eating in peace is also an option. Welcome, alone or with your pals.

Get to know us – as an employer and as employees.

You, me
and UniCafe

Our gang

We are a tight-knit bunch here at UniCafe, from first-day newbies and seasonal extras to those with 20-year careers behind them. People like it around here, and that’s no coincidence, but a result of determined development work.

To serve only the best requires that we also work with a first-grade positive attitude. When work makes you smile, it has a tendency to catch on, you see!

We take care of our folks here, right from the start of their first-day orientation. When it feels good to be at work and there is always time to help a colleague, the gang won’t run out of positivity even when the pace of work is more demanding?. It’s a sign of something done right that we also like to spend time with our co-workers outside work from time to time.

Another thing that makes us special is how close to us our owners are in our day-to-day life: in our case, the owner is also our customer. For this reason, we can say with certainty that we truly know our customers’ needs and take them into account at every step of the way.

We as an employer

Our employees are always treated fairly and equally, as their wellbeing shows outward as well. Our employees have the right to know what is expected of them and get appropriate feedback from their work. We encourage them to develop their skills, and even to make initiatives.

It is important to us to nurture a good work atmosphere and an efficient, safe work environment. We take our work seriously, but not too seriously – we are allowed to have fun. And since there is life outside of work, we aim to give leeway in organising shifts according to our employees’ needs and situations.

No one is left alone: everyone has the support of a group of professional peers. We strongly believe in a multi-valued, multi-faceted work community – our versatile community is made of people with numerous different backgrounds and stories. We take care of our employees’ well-being in the form of occupational healthcare and employee-targeted events.

Want to work for us?

We offer the chance to work in a responsible restaurant company, in a fast-paced job that provides just the right degree of challenge. Come join us in producing superior customer experiences in a dynamic, innovative environment!

We announce our open spots here. You may also send a free-form, open work application to