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Customer satisfaction survey: UniCafe is seen as a dependable and sustainable business

Kuvassa kaksi UniCafen työntekijää hymyilevät nojatessaan metalliseen tankoon Kaivopihan ravintolassa.

UniCafe’s customer satisfaction survey was carried out online in November 2022. According to the results of the survey, UniCafe is seen as dependable and affordable. Customers are particularly interested in sustainable options and vegan restaurant services.

The responses to the survey particularly highlighted the respondents’ trust in UniCafe and the affordability of its services. 83 per cent of the respondents considered UniCafe dependable, and UniCafe’s affordability was mentioned more than 600 times in comments. The UniCafe brand is also associated with professionalism (84% of respondents) and sustainability (82% of respondents).

Approximately 60 per cent of the respondents recognised the owner of the UniCafe brand, Ylva, which is also heavily associated with sustainability (over 100 mentions in comments).

Customers value sustainability

The responses show that UniCafe’s sustainability is perceived particularly in the availability of vegetarian food and the choice of ingredients. Especially, the respondents expressed positive opinions on the use of self-grown vegetables as ingredients in UniCafe products. Offering customers the option to offset the emissions resulting from their meal and UniCafe’s decision to stop serving beef were also seen as positive climate actions.

59 per cent of the respondents felt that sustainability was a factor in their lunch choices. Promoting sustainable choices and the availability of vegetarian options every day were particularly important. More than half of the respondents also expressed interest in vegan restaurant services.

“We have been listening to our customers when it comes to increasing the number of vegan options on our menus, and last year we opened the entirely vegan Myöhä Bar & Café, which offers vegan lunches at student prices. We want to support sustainable dining, which is why we also intend to increase the number of vegan options in our other locations over the course of the next year,” says Business Director Anne Immonen.

The responses to the survey are being used to develop UniCafe’s business

The customer satisfaction survey provides invaluable information on customers’ experiences and opinions. 20 per cent of the respondents felt that the quality of UniCafe had improved over the course of the past year, while 40 per cent felt it had declined. The survey also uncovered areas in need of development: Respondents wanted more variety in vegan options and improvements in the comfort of the restaurant environments.

“We received a wealth of responses, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who took part. Our customers are clearly interested in participating in the development of UniCafe, and we are eager to take their feedback on board to help us develop and meet the wishes of our customers. We are still in the process of returning to normal operations post pandemic, and we will be making the most of the survey responses to develop our business. We will be going over the feedback with our cafes and making development plans on the basis of that feedback,” Immonen says.

Responses to the online customer satisfaction survey were collected via email and a publicly available link in November 2022. A total of 2,852 UniCafe customers responded to the survey.

Read more about the results of the customer satisfaction survey here (in Finnish):

More information:

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Business Director
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Kuvassa kaksi UniCafen työntekijää hymyilevät nojatessaan metalliseen tankoon Kaivopihan ravintolassa.