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Four UniCafes stay open through the summer – Lunch prices for non-students go up from 23 May onwards

UniCafe will continue to serve customers on four campuses this summer. Lunch can be enjoyed at the restaurant or as takeaway, and the cafeteria selection will feature smaller snacks and refreshing drinks, for example.

The UniCafes open all summer are Biokeskus, Chemicum, Kaivopiha and Meilahti. UniCafe Porthania will also be open in the summer months, except for the period of 4–31 July.

You can find the up-to-date opening hours of each of our restaurants on our website at as well as at on your mobile.

Pandemic permitting, more restaurants will be opened in stages during autumn 2022. More details on the schedule will be announced on the UniCafe website in the beginning of the autumn term.

Prices of staff lunch, catering items, snacks and cafeteria products to be increased

The Ukraine war and inflation have pushed up the prices of raw ingredients significantly all over Europe. Based on prior cost development as well as assessments by the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa and its member organisations, restaurants’ raw ingredient costs may rise by as much as 15–20 per cent in 2022.

Alongside the prices of raw ingredients, also personnel costs have risen, and this increase in total expenditure further weakens the operational chances of student restaurants, which were already hit hard by the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

In order to guarantee the high quality and sustainability and domesticity levels of the lunch product along with a sufficiently broad selection into the future, prices at UniCafe will be increased from 23 May onwards.

These changes apply to all prices except for the state-subsidised student lunches. The price of staff lunch at UniCafe was last increased in January 2020.

Staff lunch prices at UniCafe from 25 May:

  • vegan lunch €6.40
  • other lunch options €6.50
  • daily special €8.00
  • buffet lunch Porthania €7,50

More information:

Anne Immonen
Business Director, restaurants
+358 40 512 5008