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In August 2024, UniCafe will open an entirely new type of campus and private event restaurant in Viikki

UniCafe has won the University of Helsinki’s tender competition to operate a restaurant in the Biocentre on the Viikki Campus. The new restaurant will open its doors at the end of August in Biocentre 1. The address is Viikinkaari 9.

The winning proposal is based on a restaurant concept designed specifically for Viikki – the most Viikki-like restaurant in Helsinki. The concept focuses on locality, the development and revitalisation of the Viikki district, and cooperation between different operators on the campus.

The new restaurant will accompany its customers throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch, meetings to relaxed afternoon get-togethers, and celebratory meals to major events.

“We want to set the bar high from the outset. We will prepare all our meals in-house from scratch without any ready-made ingredients. The fresh and delicious food from our kitchen makes for a great lunch or a memorable catered event. We work with local producers and serve as a testbed for brand new products,” says Anne Immonen, Business Director of Ylva Restaurants.

UniCafe’s competition proposal for a new restaurant concept stormed to victory with a clear lead over the second-placed proposal. UniCafe’s communication channels will provide further information about the opening of the new restaurant entity closer to the opening date.

Additional information:

Anne Immonen
Business Director
+358 40 512 5008