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Quick, fresh and healthy – UniCafe’s new staff lunch will challenge your workday’s eating habits

From November 2021, the UniCafe Porthania staff restaurant will be offering a delicious buffet lunch. The renewed lunch has been developed based on our customers’ wishes. It has responsibility, delicious and healthy options, fresh ingredients and smooth visits to the restaurant at its core.

Combining a meal to your liking will be easy from the carefully planned selection. Each week, the menu will feature seasonal vegetables, sustainably caught fish, Finnish meat and chicken, local vegetarian innovations as well as sourdough bread fresh from the oven.  The selection will be given additional bursts of flavour on the themed Wednesdays, when there will be pasta, Tex-Mex, street food or pizza to enjoy.

The salad bar will feature six fresh and filling daily options alongside crispy and crunchy sides. You can complement your meal, for example, with shoots and sprouts, kimchi, nuts and other carefully chosen superfood products, local as well as more exotic.

Your meal will be rounded off with a delicious dessert, coffee or a piece of fruit to give you energy for the rest of the day.

Customer feedback will be collected throughout the pilot, based on which we will assess expanding the concept to other campuses as well.

Welcome along! Opening times and weekly menus can be found on the UniCafe website or on our practical mobile site at

P.S. Being all booked up does not have to mean giving up on a healthy lunch. You can also put together a practical takeaway meal from our buffet!