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Ylva’s Responsibility Competition – Do your good deed of the day

Since 2011, Ylva has annually organised a responsibility competition aimed at seeking new ideas to develop the responsibility of our business operations.

This year, we are looking for new ideas that would further increase the popularity of fully plant-based lunch options at UniCafe.

Please consider that we have a large number of restaurants, and each of them is already offering a daily vegan lunch option.

What would encourage even more people to choose a fully plant-based meal? Would it be more detailed information? A lower price? Not having anything but plant-based meals available? Something else?

We want to hear your idea!

Write down your idea and send it to us at Ylva by 8 Jan 2023. The best idea can win a prize of up to EUR 1,000.

Send your idea here.

Read more about the competition and its rules here.