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Kaivopiha started selling pre-packed take away lunches – Foodvan brings UniCafe to you

UniCafe Kaivopiha has opened a pick-up point where you can get your lunch effortlessly and safely, with no close contact with staff and minimizing contact with restaurant surfaces.

The food is sold in pre-packaged cold portions, which include a fruit. There are two options daily, one of which is vegan. The staff will hand out the selected portion and payment will be made at the cash desk. Please note that for hygiene reasons we only accept card payments.

Come and grab your lunch to go! Due to the exceptional situation we are allowed by Kela to sell take away student meals.

UniCafe Foodvan – best food in your backyard!

Hungry? UniCafe Kaivopiha too far away? Don’t worry – we’re bringing UniCafe to you. Read more: UniCafe Foodvan