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Eat without worry

Whether it’s about an allergy or a special diet, we make sure you can enjoy your meal without a fuss. Our menu always lists the most common allergens and special diets for each meal option.

If you’re troubled over the contents of a product, you can always turn to us – whether it’s online or in one of our restaurants. If need be we can also discuss special arrangements so your meal time won’t cause you any stress.

Special diet symbols

  • K – lacto-ovo vegetarian
  • VE – vegan
  • V – contains garlic
  • VL – low lactose
  • L – lactose free
  • M – milk free
  • G – gluten free
  • SO – contains soy
  • SE – contains celery
  • – contains nuts

Common allergens

  • fish and shellfish
  • eggs
  • cellery, peas
  • milk
  • cereals
  • strawberry, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits
  • almonds and nuts
  • certain additives

If you have some other or very serious allergy, please turn to our staff for more information on the contents of your food.


Anyone who likes good food is welcome at UniCafe. We’re sure you’ll find something to match your tastes in our many restaurants in Helsinki, and you can further personalize your meal with additional products such as lunch coffee or tea or dessert.

Busy morning? Some of our restaurants also provide a well-rounded breakfast to kick start your day. So you can always eat well at UniCafe – from morning till noon.

Check out our prices here.


Normal price 8,00€ (Kaivopiha restaurant 6,80€)
Students 2,60€
Post-graduates 4,70€
Staff 5,70€

Today’s special

Normal price 9,50€ (Kaivopiha restaurant 8,00€)
Students 4,60€
Post-graduates 6,70€
Staff 7,20€


Normal price 12,00€
Discount groups 10,20€

Additional scoop of lunch

Normal price 2,40€
Discount groups 1,50€

Children (0-12 v.)

Regular lunch 2,60€
Today’s special 4,60€


Normal price 4,00€
Students 3,50€