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Meatless October encourages you to choose vegetarian food at UniCafe

At UniCafe, October is full of tempting vegetarian and vegan meals. Take on the Meatless October challenge and pick a vegetarian meal option! The campaign will run in all our restaurants on 1–31 Oct 2022.

Every day, the UniCafe lunch menus offer a variety of enticing vegetarian and vegan dishes. In honour of Meatless October, even omnivores should go vegetarian – it’s easy to do in our restaurants, without compromising on taste or satiety.

There are veggie classics, vegan grub, new green delights as well as vegan desserts on offer here.

Choose vegetarian and win a dinner!

In October, when you choose the vegetarian or vegan lunch, you will be given a Meatless October stamp card at the checkout. For every vegetarian or vegan meal you enjoy at UniCafe during October, you will get a stamp in your card.

All fully stamped cards will be entered into a draw in which three participants will win a delicious vegan dinner for two.

This is how it works: Collect 15 stamps into your stamp card and write your name and email address on the back. Hand in your card at any UniCafe checkout by 31 Oct, and you will be entered into the draw!

You can also use the veggie stamp card in your student calendar: collect the stamps, attach your contact details and return the card to the checkout. A full stamp card from the student calendar additionally entitles you to enjoy a free meal at UniCafe.

Making a vegging big difference!

Moving to a plant-based diet is one of the key means to reduce carbon emissions and preventing environmental losses. These are goals we at UniCafe are seriously working towards! Our goal is to have at least every other meal sold at UniCafe be vegan or vegetarian – and goals are made to be exceeded, after all.

We have lowered the price of our vegan lunch by 10 cents in order to make the smart option financially tempting as well. We are constantly coming up with new vegetarian and vegan meals, working on new concepts such as vegan comfort food, and boldly embracing new food innovations.

We have also made the vegetarian and vegan options the first items on the UniCafe lunch menus as well as in the restaurants’ service lines. This is so that you do not have to search for the good stuff but can find it easily.

During October, you will also find Meatless October stickers by the vegetarian and vegan options in the service lines.

So, make a smart choice when visiting a UniCafe restaurant: every vegetarian and vegan meal matters!

The annual Meatless October campaign aims to increase awareness of the ethical and ecological issues of meat production and the health implications of excessive meat consumption. The Finnish dietary guidelines recommend consuming a maximum of 500 grammes of red meat and meat products per week, yet according to studies, Finns eat twice the recommended amount of meat. Reducing meat consumption benefits both your health and the environment.