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UniCafe is committed to supporting more sustainable practices in the restaurant sector and reducing single-use plastics

UniCafe has signed the commitment to improve material efficiency in the food industry and the Green Deal agreement to reduce the use of certain single-use plastic food packages.

The goal of the commitment to material efficiency in the food industry is to help Finland become a society of circular economy. The targets set by companies in their commitments must be achieved by 2026.

For UniCafe, this means reducing both the plastic in our single-use packaging and the amount of food waste we produce. We are also making it easier to recycle plastic, and we inform our customers of the impact that packaging has on the environment.

UniCafe was one of the first companies in the hospitality sector to join the voluntary Green Deal agreement in June 2023. The agreement aims to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic food packaging.

Thanks to UniCafe’s earlier efforts, only about one third of single-use dishes in our restaurants contain plastic, and this amount is to be further reduced because of the commitments.

Customers are engaged in reducing the use of plastic

Most of the take-away containers used by UniCafe are made of renewable and compostable sugarcane bagasse. Dry, clean containers are recycled with cardboard, wet containers are disposed of with mixed waste.

Some food containers and lids as well as take-away cup lids still contain plastic.

Customers have been able use their own dishes for take-away portions since the beginning of October. UniCafe will charge 30 cents for single-use containers, a change to encourage customers to bring their own containers.

A pilot will be launched in November at UniCafes in Meilahti, Olivia and Porthania to encourage customers to refrain from using plastic lids on their take-away cups unless they intend to carry their hot drinks over a longer distance.

Many ways to reduce food waste

It is important to us that the food we prepare does not end up in the bin, both in terms of minimising its environmental impact and using natural resources wisely. The amount of biowaste from our customers’ plates is minimised by measures such as careful planning of our menu and by informing our customers of the amount of food waste generated.

We also partner with ResQ Club to prevent food waste and sell leftover food in our restaurants once lunch hours are over.

More information:

Anne Immonen
Business Director, Restaurants
+358 40 512 5008

The food industry made the first material efficiency commitment in Finland for 2019–2021. The restaurant sector signed the commitment for the second period for 2022–2026.

Read more about UniCafe’s commitment to material efficiency in the food industry here: