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Have a question in mind? Please check our list of frequently asked questions to see if your question is already answered.

Who can eat at UniCafe?

UniCafe keeps its doors open for everybody – we welcome everyone with a taste for good food!

How much does the lunch cost?

Normal-priced lunch costs 8,70 €, and vegan lunch 8,60€. Students with a student card that grants them the meal subsidy: vegan lunch 2,85€, other lunches 2,95€. Post-graduates vegan lunch 5,45€, other lunches 5,55€. Staff vegan lunch 6,90€, other lunches 7,00€.

Can I pay with cash in UniCafe restaurants?

Cash payment is used in following restaurants:

  • UniCafe Kaivopiha (city centre)
  • UniCafe Porthania (city centre)
  • UniCafe Infokeskus (Viikki campus)
What does lunch include?

Lunch is composed of a warm main course and a side dish (such as potatoes or rice) or a salad dish. Lunch also includes bread and spread plus beverage. For an additional fee, you can also have dessert or add lunch coffee to the meal.

How do I get the student discount?

You get the student discount by presenting a student card that proves you are entitled to the meal subsidy. You can find a list of the different cards at Kela’s pages. If you have just begun your studies and don’t have a student card yet, you can temporarily get a discount by presenting a certificate of enrolment.

Does the staff get discounts?

The staff is entitled to a discount. You get the discount by presenting a card entitling you to the staff discount at the counter.

I want to bring a group of schoolchildren to eat at UniCafe. How do I go about this? Are they entitled to any discounts?

Comprehensive schoolers are unfortunately not entitled to the meal subsidy. Groups in general are welcome, however. We recommend contacting the restaurant you wish to visit directly  and planning the occasion together with the staff.

Do you offer group discounts?

We organise meal opportunities for groups, for example in connection with training or other events. We recommend contacting the restaurant where you wish for your group to eat directly and planning the arrangements with its staff.

Can students eat in the teachers’ restaurant?

The teachers’ restaurant is chiefly oriented towards the staff.

Why do you not have some specific, popular dish on offer every day?

Variety is the spice of life! We are aware that some of our lunch options are beloved classics – good things come to those who wait.

Where can I send feedback?

You may send feedback directly to the restaurant by e-mail or through our feedback system. You’ll find the contact information on this page.

Why do you sometimes run out of food?

We only prepare as much food as we estimate we’ll need, in order to avoid tremendous amounts of food waste. This is why we may sometimes run out of some popular food item during the day.

What is the Leftover lunch?

Leftover lunches are lunches composed of the day’s leftover meals and sold for a reduced price. You can buy Leftover lunches after the lunch sales have ended, in either UniCafe’s own lunch box or your own.

Can I pay for café products at the lunch counter?

Yes, you can – except for when the café and lunch restaurants are located in different venues.

What is the UniCafe web app?

Our web app, available at, lists each UniCafe’s menu, opening hours and contact information, ingredients and nutritional information, as well as lunch prices. You can filter lists according to dietary restrictions and preferred campus, too! The app works directly in your phone’s browser, and therefore doesn’t require downloading and/or registering or logging in.

OBS. The old UniCafe app, previously available for download from app stores, has been discontinued and therefore will not be getting any more updates. We recommend deleting the app from your phone and instead using on your web browser of choice.

Are UniCafe’s package materials, such as take-away cups, bio-degradable?

Currently only part of the package materials of take away products are bio-degradable. Our goal is to make the package materials of all UniCafe take away products fully bio-degradable by end of 2020.