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UniCafe presents a new catering menu designed by a top chef in celebration of its 70th anniversary

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, UniCafe is introducing a fully vegan catering menu packed with organic ingredients. The menu was designed by top chef Roni Kerttula in cooperation with the UniCafe restaurants. It will be available starting from August at all UniCafe restaurants.

The rich and delicious menu combines the flavours of fresh vegetables and vegan ingredients with warm spices reminiscent of North African and Continental European cuisines.

Three options of starter salads, main courses and desserts are available, allowing the customer to create the perfect three-course menu for their event.

The menu is available from all campus UniCafes for events organised at University of Helsinki venues.

“We wanted to create a menu that was diverse and appealing. What we arrived at was a meeting of Continental European cuisine and the warm, spicy flavours of North Africa. The main feature of all these dishes is high-quality, plant-based ingredients,” Roni Kerttula explains.

A vegan menu for modern tastes

UniCafe is known as a pioneer of sustainable dining and an innovator among student restaurants. Organic and plant-based ingredients have been a staple of UniCafe’s lunch selection for a long time. The same purposeful development approach has also been applied to UniCafe’s catering services.

“Our catering customers have been asking for modern, trendy vegan foods that are suitable for a wide range of people. To celebrate our big anniversary, we decided it was time to publish a completely vegan catering menu. We believe that a menu built on clean, sustainable ingredients will speak directly to our environmentally conscious customers,” says Product Development and Purchasing Manager Susanne Reiju.

Crown your meeting refreshments with UniCafe’s jubilee cake

The anniversary year’s sweet indulgence is the vegan and gluten-free jubilee cake created by UniCafe’s own kitchen. The cake features a fresh blackcurrant mousse on a dark chocolate base with a rich chocolate mousse. Dried blackcurrants provide the finishing touch to the beautiful and delicious cake.

Its lightness also makes it a fantastic sweet morsel to liven up your meetings.

Explore UniCafe’s vegan anniversary menu here: 2023_vegan_cateringmenu_en.pdf

The menu is available as a buffet or as table service. Request a quote from your nearest UniCafe restaurant:

Further information:

Susanne Reiju
Product Development and Purchasing Manager
tel. +358 40 057 6283